Attorney and Counselor at Law


Are you confronted with a legal problem or issue which seems daunting, such as preparing a will, signing a lengthy document or contracting with employees for your small business?

Are you involved in a conflict situation with family or in the workplace?

Are you struggling with issues involving an aging parent and would welcome legal guidance in resolving both immediate and long-term problems regarding health, finances, life-style?

Working on resolving these conflictual situations or creating simple legal documents to address these issues is a necessary part of the process.

But exploring the myriad issues that are also involved, and then problem solving regarding the bumps that may still be encountered once the papers are drafted and signed, is even more important.

Working with an attorney (trained in mediation as well) who can see beyond the paperwork to the people who are involved can go a long way towards assuring that the legal issues which are addressed immediately produce solutions that work well into the future.

I am committed to providing more personal legal and/or mediation services and will be happy to sit down and meet with you for a free half hour consultation to discuss the challenges you may be facing.

Sheila Lamont

Sheila Lamont is a licensed attorney and trained mediator. She has worked both in the public and private sectors, advising and assisting clients from youths to seniors. Her practice of law has encompassed a wide variety of areas, including legal issues impacting families, employment law concerns and dynamics, and contract drafting and implementation.